Glazing & Glass – Some Background

Glass, has been used for centuries in windows and crockery, especially drinking vessels, most commonly this is soda-lime glass, comprising approximately 75% Silicon dioxide (SiO2) plus sodium oxide (Na2O) from soda ash, lime (CaO), and various other trace additives.

Originating some time around 3000 BCE, the glass produced in modern times has changed significantly both in terms of production & of composition. Current glass can be vandal & shatter-proof, can be optically clear & can span relatively huge distances, when compared to the earliest window glazing.  Pilkington has been responsible for notable improvements in glass production since its’ founding in 1826.  Their revolutionary innovation made large sheets of high quality glass possible by floating liquid glass across a bath of molten tin.  Today it produces a variety of specialized glass products that can beautify & protect your property.

The use of glass in architecture controls the flow of natural light & can totally transform an environment. Natural light is also said to promote a healthy environment.  Add modern insulation technologies & you can enjoy healthy illumination along with cost-effective indoor-climate management.

KWI supplies double glazing with technologically advanced coatings & laminations, & can help pay for itself with energy savings whilst maintaining a healthier environment when compared with drafty old windows & doorways.

Modern glazing available from KWI double-glazing provides protective & elegant doors & windows for your property. Decorative & functional, KWI provides a professional solution that is pleasing to the eye both optically & aesthetically.